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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the merchant signup process for Clavaa?
    The merchant signup process is straightforward. Simply provide a username, password, some contact info and bank information, and you will become part of the Clavaa network.
  • Do I need to integrate Clavaa with my existing point-of-sale (POS) system?
    No, Clavaa is a standalone system that complements standard POS systems. You can use both systems simultaneously without the need for integration while being able to record transactions in your existing POS with ease.
  • What are the benefits for merchants accepting Clavaa payments?
    By accepting Clavaa payments, merchants can cultivate a loyal consumer base at no cost. By redirecting the funds that would have been spent on swipe fees back to the consumers, merchants incentivize return visits and create customer loyalty. Essentially we are free google ads.
  • How does the cashback program work?
    For every transaction, the store is paid the full amount. A percentage of that amount chosen by you is then loaded onto the consumer's Clavaa app, which can be deducted from their next purchase at your store. If the consumer does not return, the merchant never incurs the cost.
  • Are there any additional fees for merchants to use Clavaa?
    No, Clavaa does not charge any fees to merchants. All funds are sent from the consumer to the merchant, making it a fee-free service for merchants and cutting out credit card processing costs.
  • Is there a way to keep track of payment history done through Clavaa?
    Yes, Clavaa provides a dashboard for merchants to access and monitor payment data, allowing for easy tracking of transactions completed through the Clavaa app.
  • How do refunds work with Clavaa?
    Clavaa has implemented a simple refund system in the merchant app, ensuring clarity and ease of use for merchants when processing refunds for their consumers.
  • What advantages does Clavaa offer compared to standard rewards programs?
    With Clavaa, merchants only pay once the rewards have worked, eliminating any downsides. Additionally, Clavaa is a free service without any extra fees, providing a cost-effective solution.
  • How long does it take for merchants to receive funds from Clavaa transactions?
    Clavaa Sends all funds 2 days after the transaction is finished in the store.
  • Why is Clavaa a better option than a standard credit card like Visa or Mastercard?
    Clavaa provides consumers with up to 4 times the amount of cash back rewards compared to standard credit cards. By redirecting funds away from card networks and big banks, Clavaa supports local businesses, allowing you to contribute to your community while being rewarded.
  • How do I redeem rewards with Clavaa?
    To redeem rewards, simply select the desired amount of cash back during the checkout process at participating stores.
  • What types of rewards does Clavaa offer?
    Clavaa exclusively offers cash back rewards to your favorite stores, without any complicated rewards systems.
  • Can I check my balance and track my rewards with Clavaa?
    Yes, Clavaa provides a dedicated page called "Clavaa Balance" on the app, where you can easily monitor your total cash back, as well as cash back earned from each store.
  • How easy is the sign-up process for Clavaa?
    The sign-up process is quick and straightforward, taking less than 90 seconds to complete.
  • Are payments made through the Clavaa app secure?
    Yes, Clavaa ensures secure payments through industry-standard encryption and robust security measures, providing a safe platform for transactions.
  • Is there a limit to the amount of rewards I can earn and the purchases I can make through the Clavaa app?
    There is no limit to the amount of rewards you can earn with Clavaa. Your rewards are determined by your spending, allowing you to accumulate unlimited rewards based on your purchases.
  • Which stores are part of the Clavaa network?
    You can find a comprehensive list of stores participating in the Clavaa network on our app and website.
  • Are there any additional fees for consumers using Clavaa?
    No, Clavaa is entirely free of charge for all users. You can enjoy all the benefits of Clavaa without any additional fees.
  • Is the Clavaa app available on both iOS and Android?
    Yes, the Clavaa app is available on both iOS and Android operating systems, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of users.
  • What happens if I lose my phone or it gets stolen? Can someone else use my Clavaa account?
    In case you lose your phone, you can immediately deactivate your Clavaa account remotely from any browser by logging into your account on our website. This ensures that no one else can use your account. We also recommend contacting us directly so we can provide additional support.
  • Does Clavaa share my data with third parties?
    Your privacy is our top priority. Clavaa adheres to strict data protection regulations and does not share your personal information with third parties without your explicit consent. For more details, you can refer to our privacy policy.
  • Can I link multiple bank accounts or cards with my Clavaa account?
    Yes, you can link multiple bank accounts and cards to your Clavaa account, making it even more flexible for your needs.
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